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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Kaisay Kahoon by Geo Tv - Last Episode (20)

Palki by HUM TV - Episode 49

Mahmoodabad Ki Malkaiyen Episode 106

Mujeh Roothne Na Dena - Episode 8

Kaash Main Teri Baiti Na Hoti by GEO TV - Episode 2

Bin Teray by HUM TV Episode 5

Mein Haari Episode 2

Kuch Kami Si Hai by GEO TV - Episode 2

Dareecha by Ary Digital – Episode 6

Drama Khawab Ankhein Khawaish Chehrey on Hum tv

Drama Mahmoodabad Ki Malkaiyen on ARY Digital

with several inculcating messages adapted in social circumstances of a below-middle class family; “mehmoodabad ki malkain” talks about religious extremism and stern limitations on women of our society. story revolves around zahid ahmed’s family, comprising of his 3 daughters, 2 sons and his responsible wife shah jahan. zahid has always been a failure to satisfy and fulfill his responsibilities as a father and as a husband and has been scolding his daughters for not following the islamic rituals honestly. whereas; his daughters have almost no inclination towards their father’s teachings and ultimately turns out to be rebellious against him. the second plot of the story is concerned to shabbir, the neighbor of zahid and his 2 sisters; who are compelled to live in the house of zahid for sometime due to some financial issues. hence the title highlights the character of 5 girls of diversified nature, living under one roof.

Cast : Natasha Saleem, Anita Kampher, Sajal Ali, Sana Ismail, Farah Ali, Saboor Ali, Shahid Naqvi, Babar Khan, Naveed Raza & Farhad Fareed

Meri Subh Ka Sitara Episode 49

Drama serial Kuch Kami Si Hai on Geo tv

Kuch Kami Si Hai

Kuch Kami Si Hai is a story in which many serious social issues have been targeted. This story revolves around two main characters of Sajda & Asmi, Sajda is a widow old woman who adopted Asmi and brought up her like her own child, she use to share house with her relative named “Azra” who was also a widow but have completely different nature, very claver, mean & greedy.
Asmi is 30 years old young lady who is still unmarried because Sajda is unable to fulfill the requirements of proposals. Nazish & Rakshi are Azra’s daughters, from which Nazish was married but due to her mother’s bad behavior and her rude nature she received divorce from her husband, despite getting sadden & distress on this situation Azra demand her daughter’s in laws for 8 Lac HAQ MEHAR.
On the other side Asmi has been rejected by her in laws on her Mehindi day, as they were fraud and greedy for dowry, while taking advantage to this situation Azra fixed her younger daughter Rakhsi’s proposal with the same guy Haseeb and story starts moving to the turning phases to climax.
Azra has been badly trapped by her gluttonous decisions which she has made for her daughters, her only son Waheed who use to live abroad married to an aged lady Shamma who is cleverer than her. Azra’s self-indulgence on only ruined her children’s life but also badly effect Asmi & Sajda’s existence!! 

Cast: Nabeel, Samina Ahmed, Amna Sheikh, Fatima Afindi, Hasan Niazi 
Written By: Rukhsana Nigar
Directed By: Mazher Moin
Produced By: Media City Production & NZ Signature Films
Fresh Timings: 19:30
Day: Mon to Thu
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Khushbo Ka Ghar Episode 57: Ary Digital

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