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Friday, 28 October 2011

Drama ” Main Mohabbat Aur Tum ” by A-Plus tv

It is story of a famous anchor person who does not let the personal life crises take over her profession and job commitment. Her husband Adnan going with his sentiments marries a model Zarnab by ignoring his daughter Kainat and faitful wife Sara, Sara is extremely disturbed with this personal accident but this shock does not take her away from her professional commitment. She goes to the northern area to film a documentary of the schools affected by terrorists activities and bomb explosions.She finds a bottle at the bed of a river which contains a love letter from a person named Z which he has written to his wife who had died sometimes ago. While trying to find out who has written this letter, she reaches the creator of the said letter Zain who possesses a good and lovely personality.He is living and exile life with the love of his dead wife in his heart.Sara loses her ways while talking to Zain and invites him to come to Lahore. Zain likes Sara but does not tell her about it. While in lahore he meets the daughter of Sara named Kainat,then his sorrow comes alive as her daughter while still in her mother’s womb died in a bomb blast along with her mother.Zain is shocked when he came to know that his letter in the bottle has been published in Sara’s newspapers.he is enraged and comes back to the northern areas.Sara also goes to the northern area and explain the situation to Zain.She tells Zain that his letter was published in the newspapers because of her offical colleague. After the first episode of Sara’s documentary was on air,she was getting threats from unknown quarters and lateron her daughter Kainat got kidnapped and captors demanded Rs. 20 Millions as ransom and reamaning tapes of the documentary.When Zain came to know about this,he sells his paternal home and gets Kainat released from the captors after paying the ransom of Rs 20 Millions.Adnan after divorcing her model wife request Zain to try to persuade Sara to live with him again and also ask Kainat if she would like to live with his father or uncle Zain.Kainat decide to live with his father. Unfortunately Zarnab’s brother get Adnan killed on roadside.

Executive Producer:Shahzad Riaz
Producer: Sheikh.M.Abbas,Khurrem Shahraz Riaz
Director : Amir Yousaf
Writer : Syed Wasi Shah
Cast : Babar Ali,Resham,Babrak Shah,Amna Ilyas,Faiza Gillani,Soha Malik,Sohail Sameer,Azra Aftab,Hareem (child Star)

Episode  1